We work with our technology partners to develop and deliver modern sensing and monitoring solutions, which remotely transmits uninterrupted and accurate data without compromises in data security. Getting uninterrupted data remotely faces lots of challenges like security, cost, reliability and effectiveness. There are lots of devices which can record the data, but connecting those devices to the organizations business platform and to use the data effectively is the challenge. Activelogica can streamline these areas for your organization by optimizing the best way to get the data to your database.

Monitoring made easy – Monitoring of assets and data becomes automated and doesnt need human involvement.

Increased Security – We can use the available technologies like RFID, chips to increase the security of the patients in a hospital and to reduce child abductions.

Improved Service – We can create programs/solutions which will automatically sense the presence of a person and then start the desired services. This can also be used to track the movements of people, assets and counters.